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Alpha, Beta, Success!

(Advice on using alpha and beta readers, and how to choose them.)

If you’ve ever scrolled through writing Twitter or any of the bazillion author groups of Facebook, “beta reader” is probably one of the terms you’ll run into the most – and for good reason. Even now, my heart skips a beat when I commit to using a beta reading team…


Welcome to misgrammared – my own personal blog. For my professional website, please see alethea katherine.

My name is Alethea (middle name Katherine), and I am an Electrical Engineering student at UCLA. Though my main interests are in engineering, creative writing, and music composition, dance and choreography has long been a hobby of mine. I’m eager to learn anything I can get my hands on – the world is a fascinating place!

Life is definitely a rollercoaster – here are some of the quirkiest highlights of mine, so far:

  • had dinner with Howard Shore (composer for the Lord of the Rings films)
  • studied composition under Peter Golub, Sundance Film Institute music director
  • studied ballet under Maia Wilkins, former principle dancer at the Joffrey
  • interned for John Swihart (composer, How I Met Your MotherNapoleon DynamiteSwitched at Birth)
  • helped coordinate a lecture series run by Katie Bouman (who captured the first-ever image of a black hole)

Other fun facts about me:

  • as of New Year’s 2021, I had completed 15 full manuscripts (but still been too shy to publish any of them)
  • I’ve also written a lot of musical compositions; most of those are for solo piano, but I’m getting into orchestration and loving it so far!
  • my favorite topics to geek out about are communications theory (especially coding theory), signal processing, feedback control theory; music theory/film scores; and my bazillion opinions on writing
  • I’m a huge klutz who believes grand-jetes in small spaces are not only possible, but a good idea
  • my favorite classes I’ve ever taken at UCLA are Archaeology of the Near East and Feedback Control Theory
  • I’m trying to learn violin, but, due to a lack of time, failing miserably
  • I have perfect/absolute pitch! (if you know, you know)


Thank you so much for visiting the website!  If you’d like to be in touch, or have comments or suggestions for me, you can reach me using the email below!  You can also find me at aletheakatherine.com, my professional website.